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Overlanding Budget // Morocco

We spent an incredible three months in Morocco, taking in the sights and sounds of northern Africa. Way back in Scotland, we’d arranged a housesit for some of our time in Morocco. Situated in Essaouira, a sweet little town on the coast directly east of Marrakech, this housesit gave us the luxury of accomodation in a beautiful artists’ studio with two gorgeous dogs at no cost, for three weeks in September and another two weeks later in October.

The rest of our time in Morocco was spent wild camping for free, with two or three weeks in campsites averaging between 75 and 130 dirham (AUD $10 – $15).

With a refocus on our spending after realising our budget for the remainder of the trip, we decided to stop eating out so much and cut back on alcohol which quickly eats up a lot of the budget. In Morocco, we ate locally produced foods as much as possible, sticking to basics like eggplant, tomatoes, onions with chicken, cous cous or lentils. Whenever we noticed a spike in our grocery budget, it was after a visit to one of the bigger supermarkets which sell a lot of imported items. We didn’t drink often in Morocco, as its an Islamic country and alcohol is restricted and expensive. We were also cautious to be respectful. However, we did indulge in a few bottles of Moroccan rosé (surprisingly good!) and beers when meeting other travellers.

We had a few hiccups, potentially quite serious, with the 4WD overheating, and so flushed the system and replaced the coolant and got a new radiator cap amongst other things. We actually spent a lot more on this, but the items were purchased in Aus so we haven’t included them.

We spent larger amounts of money than we would normally on some pieces of art from two local artists in Essaouira, and also on a massage and scrub treatment at a beautiful (read: expensive) hammam for our 5th wedding anniversary. Insurance also chewed a lot of our budget at AUD $260.47 for three months. Lastly, we left Western Sahara (disputed territory currently occupied by Morocco) with a full tank of fuel (147L) because of the cheaper prices which also added to our expenses in Morocco, but meant we didn’t buy any fuel in Mauritania or the beginning of Senegal.

The Breakdown

budget-morocco-aud budget-morocco-dh

Left Image is AUD for our friends following back home, and the Right Image is in Moroccan Dirham. This budget incorporates our spending in both Morocco and Western Sahara, a disputed territory currently occupied by Morocco.
ENTRY VISA – free tourist visa for three months (can get another three months if leave the country, and return)*


VEHICLE INSURANCE – 1952 Moroccan dirham for three months, or AUD $260.47

COST OF DIESEL PER LITRE – Between 8.2/9.2 Moroccan dirham or AUD $1.09/$1.30, and around 7.2 dirham in Western Sahara or AUD $1.00

AVERAGE DAILY SPENT – 273 Moroccan dirham or AUD$37.38 (including insurance)

TOTAL SPENT IN MOROCCO OVER THREE MONTHS – 24,667 Moroccan dirham or AUD$3289 (including insurance)

* This is a rough guide, based on our experience from August to November 2016. As things can change quickly, we encourage you to check visa and vehicle import regulations and exchange rates before you travel.