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Border Crossings // South America

If the rumour isn’t already circulating, we’ll start it right here: South America has some of the easiest border crossings in the world. Back in January 2015, we left the Buenos Aires port with our very first Temporary Import Permit (TIP) in hand, and were told by customs officials to ‘guard it with our lives’. Read More

Overlanding Budget // South America

You know when you wake up after a big night at the pub with your mates, the kind where you stumble home at 3am with a Big Mac and pass out having only eaten half of it. You remember what a great time you had catching up with the boys, and then that feeling sets Read More

Overlanding Budget // Europe & UK

Since we reached the UK in February this year and realised how much we’d spent in South America, we introduced a proper budget and have stuck to it. We’ve also started recording all our spendings so we can chart them out here and give other overlanders helpful information about what it actually costs to travel Read More