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Saying goodbye with wine // Argentina

Reaching Cafayate mid-afternoon, we had two simple things on the agenda: find somewhere to camp, and eat! A quick detour via the local tourist agency helped us on the camping front, and we quickly found ourselves basking in the sun outside the plaza eating steak and savouring a carafe of the house red. It was Read More

Navigating History // Argentina

Since starting life on the road, we’ve become quite slow. To be honest, our blog name should really include a quip about tortoises because that’s what we feel like; two slow, tortoises who are winning the race that is life (life on the road is definitely winning at life) but taking their sweet, old time. Read More

Theft in Mendoza // Argentina

After our run-in with the military police in the middle of nowhere, we were eager to head somewhere safe to camp for the night and found ourselves in Upsallata, a small mountain town. We’d been in a rush to get to Mendoza, renowned for its wine and in particular, its strong red Malbec – one Read More