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Surviving Death Road // Bolivia

Our time in Bolivia was coming to an end, but there was one more thing we wanted to do before leaving – drive Camino de la Muerte, or Death Road. It’s not officially known as Death Road, its actual name being the North Yungas Road, but it does have a sad history as an incredibly Read More

Crisil SLR, Oxfam Production Partner // Bolivia

We’re very fortunate to be in a position where we could save money, put our lives on hold and travel the globe as we are. Because of this, we wanted to see how we could use this trip in some way to help those in less fortunate positions around the globe. This is why we’ve Read More

A Month in Cochabamba // Bolivia

Beyond Eduardo National Park, and the Salar de Uyuni, our plans for Bolivia remained uncertain. We don’t have a bucket list for our travels, or even a specific route beyond knowing the countries we’ll visit. Waking up every morning and knowing we can do whatever we want- stay exactly where we are, or hit the road for a short or Read More