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Saying goodbye with wine // Argentina

Reaching Cafayate mid-afternoon, we had two simple things on the agenda: find somewhere to camp, and eat! A quick detour via the local tourist agency helped us on the camping front, and we quickly found ourselves basking in the sun outside the plaza eating steak and savouring a carafe of the house red. It was Read More

Life lessons on the PanAm // Chile

Hitting the PanAmerican Highway in Chile, we let out a huge sigh of relief. Having spent a decent chunk of our time to date driving the Carretera Austral (read: pothole ridden, windy corrugated gravel roads that’ll shake your bones), it felt like we’d entered another country. Pulling onto the highway we were greeted with multiple Read More

Ambling through Patagonia // Chile

Our time in Patagonia was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. Everyone was so friendly and generous, to the extent that a few times we ran out of water and simply knocked on a random front door in a town and asked if we could fill up our jerry can. We were never Read More